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April News/Discussion post #4!
band of my heart
rubytuesday5681 wrote in mcr_daily_flail
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April News/Discussion Post #4!

Daily picspams!
- Frankie Friday
- Shipping Saturday & Sunday
- MikeyWay Monday
- Total Band Tuesday
- Gee Way Wednesday
- Ray Toro Thursday

Other exciting happenings at mcr_daily_flail
- The MCR Fanfic Reading Club! A Natural Reaction to Rough-housing by Bexless! Just a few days left to share your thoughts and feelings about this fic before we move on to Run by Mrsronweasley!
- Watch Party Post! The Black Parade is Dead! Live in Mexico! Come watch and discuss with us!

We got a new picture of Mikey and Gee guitar shopping!

Also outtakes from Yo Gabba Gabba!

Another snippet of Frank and Zacky!

And this video of Gee saying the words to The Kids From Yesterday!

Discussion question for the week
Please share your answer in a comment
-If you were sharing MCR with a friend who had never heard their music before, which album(s)/Song(s) would you share first and why?

Poll #1836574 Favorite Band Era Look

Which MCR era look do you like best overall? Please explain why in a comment.

Bullets era
Revenge era
Black Parade era
Desolation Row era
Danger Days era
Post Danger Days Photobucket

Favorite colors!

Some other color which I will name in a comment

Moving this question over from the WPP since almost no one has answered over there. What should we do for our next watch party?

Another concert such as Venganza, The iTunes Festival from Summer, 2011 or MTV World Stage live at Valencia, Spain from Summer, 2011 or something else which I will name in a text box response.
Do a re-watch of Life On The Murder Scene since we have some new people who might have missed it when we did it before.
Behind the scenes/'the making of' of MCR music videos, please specificy which video(s) in a text box response.
Another long interview such as An Evening with Grant Morrison & Gerard Way from Summer, 2011 or something else which I will name in a text box response.
A movie that influenced the band or individual band members such as Dawn of the Dead 1978, Labyrinth, Jaws, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Die Hard, Gladiator, or something else which I will name in a text box response.

Please make specific recommendations for the next watch party!

Comm note
In case you missed it, I did a "state of the comm" update in the comments of last week's post. That update is here
Also I am interested in doing a love meme and would like feedback from you guys before I do it. I'm going to c/p the love meme idea from the "state of the comm" update I did last week.

***Coming up! I would like to do an anon-type love meme! I think this would be a fun activity to keep the feeling of fandom-wide community going while the band is quiet and while there's not a ton of fic being posted in any major fests or big bangs right now. I want to host the meme at the Dreamwidth comm, again because I want to see the MCRdom community branching out into DW more and because we don't use that mirror site very much and I don't want people to forget that it's there and available for use for anyone who uses DW! There's no reason we can't host the love meme there and I thought that hosting the friending meme over there went really well.
I want to do the type of love meme where the poster goes anon and posts a comment with someone else's name and then people reply to that thread as themselves or anon if they like, saying all the reasons why they love that person. I want to do this type of love meme because I and many people I know would never feel comfortable putting their own name in a love meme, so I believe participation will be greater if we do it this way, putting other people's names in. And because it's anon, people can put in as many names as they want and no one will think it's overkill!
When we do this, I will pimp it all over the place just like I did with the friending meme. Also, as people's names are put in the meme, I will message them privately to let them know and give them the address of their thread so that they can come and read all the nice things that people have to say about them. At the end, I will post a master list of threads for everyone who was named in the meme.
Depending on a variety of factors including how well the idea is received, I am aiming to get the love meme going either near the end of this coming week, or sometime during the week after.
The only specific question I have for you guys is about the love meme idea. Basically, does the idea I'm putting out to you make sense? I've seen anon-love memes like this done in the past in other fandoms and I'd really love to see something like this for MCRdom because we have so many awesome people here who contribute in so many wonderful ways and I'd love to make a space for everyone to get recognized, especially people who are shy and less likely to 'toot their own horn' so to speak. So what do you guys think? Would you participate? Would you put in the names of your friends and favorite artists/authors/reccers/podficcers/fanvidders/picspammers/commenters/etc and comment in threads to love on them and say why they are all so great? Would you pimp the meme out to all your friends and send them over to join in and participate? I'd like to get some excitement for the meme going ahead of time so that we can get off to a strong start when I first put it up.

MCR_daily_flail @ DW
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(Deleted comment)
I was going to comment similarly, teal and purple are my favorite colors. I'm all about cooler colors, no pastels! :P

While I love all the incarnations of MCR, I really love the Danger Days look.
Gee's hair is awesome. I'd love to be able to do my hair that colour. Or purple.

I really love his red hair the best, too!


And man, I Iove Gee's white hair so much, and obviously I utterly adore their DD era look (color!) but in the end I voted for Desolation Row because omg angry punkrock and ripped clothing and chains and NGH. Their look in that video just KILLS ME DEAD every time.

The reason I went with the one I did is because I couldn't narrow it down... but the ToroFro was mighty bouncy then. And Frank was still very much pierced (I barely like piercings but I LOVED his. They suited him so well)

As for the colors, LITERALLY I'm looking into my open closet and it's a mass of dark colors (grays, browns, dark blues and grees, and ASSLOADS OF BLACK) and then like... one brighter blue thing, two purple things, two red things, and that's like... IT! My clothes are a massive pile of black and dark colors, lol. It's clear I like dark colors or very stark colors like red or bright blue. And purple is just a great color. I look good in purple. It makes my eyes look more green.

**Fun note! When I used to bleach a chunk or two of my hair to dye bright colors? The only colors I ever had were blue, purple, and red! **

(I gave that shit up though, because man it wasn't worth the trouble, lmao. Bleaching my black hair took a salon-job EVERY six months or so at $50 a pop. NTY! Had to redye it every two or three weeks and it ended up getting fuckin' expensive. And, lets be honest, while it was cool looking, it wasn't the most appropriate for many occasions to have a bright chunk of hair. It's bad enough people assume I dye my hair black. I'm REALLY fucking pale, practically gray, with hazel/green eyes and then a whole mess of almost BLACK black hair... people think I'm a redhead in disguise most days).

My closet is mostly dark colors as well. Lots of black and brown, grey and purple. Only a few splashes of color, not many.

In that last picture, I just want to sit in his lap and squeeze his cheeks and make him smile!

I swing back and forth between Desolation Row and DD. The bad boy look is just hot. DD because, HELLO, Gerard's jeans omg those jeans will be the death of me and Frank's long hair. I dunna like Frank with short hair.

Let me make sure I'm understanding this love meme thing. I is slow. I would post an anon comment with just a name and nothing else, then in a reply comment gush about them?

I would post an anon comment with just a name and nothing else, then in a reply comment gush about them?

Yes! That is exactly right! XD

I was strongly torn between Revenge and Black Parade. But then again I couldn't really decide which to choose, I like them all. Eeney Meeny Miney Mo was the only tie breaker.

Revenge era look was really fun!

Some shipping Sunday for ya!

(Not really a shipping pic, but it makes me think of slave!Frank and master!Gee)

So I must say starting tomorrow and going through May 14th, I'll have limited internet because I will at home and we have no internet (still...I mean come on!) and the only internet access I'll have is when I go to my mom's work (which thank gods is Monday-Friday.) I know my photo spams have been quite infrequent the last couple of weeks, so this doesn't really matter, but yea just wanted to let you know I have limited access to the comm for the next couple of weeks. Love you guys! <3

Frerard arts spam for Shipping Sunday!
Sorry I don't know who to credit for the older ones.






by SteVanity @DA
by SteVanity on DA

by glamtacotommy on DA

by fullmetalmustang on DA

by hootsweet@DA
by hootsweet on DA

by kjvonblood@DA
by kjvonblood on DA

by notasynonymforsisky @ DA
by notasynonymforsisky on DA

by theopteryx from brbb

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Frerard arts spam part 2!

By JacQui-Monster@DA
By JacQui-Monster on DA

by killedmyhopes@DA
by killedmyhopes on DA

by tunna10@DA
by tunna10 on DA

by xxpunkedprincessxx @DA
by xxpunkedprincessxx on DA

credit: dieslight@dA
by dieslight on DA

by myavengedromance@DA
by myavengedromance on DA

by hootsweet@DA
by hootsweet on DA



by hootsweet@DA
by hootsweet on DA

by mcrnut
by mcrnut

by hootsweet@DA
by hootsweet on DA

by mooching-leech@DA
by mooching-leech on DA

LOVE all the art spam! :D

Off topic!

I'm doing a walk to raise money for suicide awareness and prevention!
All info is here - http://rubytuesday5681.livejournal.com/121421.html
There is no minimum to donate to sponsor me. If you can't help me financially, please help by spreading the word. You can post a link to my LJ post or share on Twitter or FB from my donations page.
Thanks, guys! <3

Round 7 of the bandom_meme is going!
Go read, share prompts, and be inspired!

New post of the MCR Fanfic Reading Club is up!


This time it's Run by Mrsronweasley!

Come read this amazing, epic, high school AU/Werewolf fic and discuss with us!

Ray tweets:


Cena/lesnar was ssiiiick.too bad if u are leaving Cena cuz i think u finally 100%'ed an audience


backpack bedroll flint and steel belt pouch two sunrods ten days of ration 50 feet of hempen rope waterskin

Edited at 2012-04-30 07:02 pm (UTC)

The second one makes Gee look like he's saying "I am proud of my sons."

(Deleted comment)
While exploring the depths of youtube, I found this interview with bb!MCR (the band was two years old at this point). I'm pretty sure the interviewer works for a porn company, Burning Angel. (I can't google it though, I'm on campus!) She asks them about whether they go to strip clubs and they say they'd rather be playing D&D, and Gerard tells her about what type of porn he likes. This is why I love youtube! Happy Total Band Tuesday! :P

OMG I haven't watched this in forever! So hilarious! Thanks for bringing this back bb! hahahaha!

Via mcrupdates on Tumblr

Gerard to appear at MorrisonCon in September in Vegas!

Announced earlier this year, the weekend event celebrating the work of best-selling writer Grant Morrison will officially debut at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas during the weekend of September 28 to 30. CBR News spoke with organizers Ron Richards of website iFanboy and retailers James Sime and Kirsten Baldock of The Isotope to learn first of MorrisonCon’s specific plans. Tickets for the show will go on sale on May 9 at Noon PST on MorrisonCon.com with only around 1,000 packages available to meet Morrison and a lineup of other guests which as of today official includes Gerard Way, Frank Quitely, Jonathan Hickman, Chris Burnham and J.H. Williams.


Edited at 2012-05-01 06:15 pm (UTC)

I think we should start a massive fundraiser so we can all attend this. Or rob a bank. *nods*

The band talks about what they would have done if they weren't in the band. I could totally see Mikey as a pro-wrestler! (not!) Frank said he'd want to do monster makeup in movies, and Ray would be a film editor. :)

Lol! Mikey as a pro wrestler! Ha!

(oh well hello Ray's peen)

(geez, you would think I haven't done a total band photo spam in a few weeks. haha)

ZOMG! So much sexy! *dies from the hot* *__________________*


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